How to Pick a Real Estate Agent

Selling your home is a big deal, and you’ll want to choose a real estate agent who

can help you get the best price. The right agent can also guide you through the

process and make it as smooth as possible. That’s why it’s important to interview

multiple agents to find the best one to meet your needs. During your interviews, ask

prospective listing agents about their experience and qualifications, but also pay

attention to the type of working relationship you might have with them. For

example, do they communicate with their clients via text or phone calls, and how

often? Do they work alone or as part of a team?


A good real estate agent should be familiar with your local market. If you use an

online portal to find agents, check their profiles and look at how they present

themselves on the site. You’ll also want to determine whether they have any

specialties. For example, if you’re selling an investment property, it’s important to

find an agent who regularly works with that type of transaction. And if you’re buying

a first-time home, find out if they’ve helped other buyers in your situation.


You should also make sure your potential agent is licensed and able to provide you

with the services you need. For example, in some states, agents can only represent

you as a seller’s agent or buyer’s agent, but not both (a dual agent). Other states

allow agents to be transactional agents, meaning they work with the buyer and

seller but aren’t legally required to disclose this to their clients. If your agent is a

dual agent or a transactional agent, it’s important to understand how this might

impact your relationship and the advice they give you.Also read


It’s also important to decide if you want your agent to be a single-agent seller or a

team member. If you’re selling a single-family home, you may be better off with a

single agent who has extensive experience in that market. However, if you’re selling

a condo or multifamily home, you may have more options with a team of agents who

specialize in that type of property.

Choosing the right real estate agent can save you time and money in the long run. If

you take the time to thoroughly interview and evaluate candidates, you can be

confident that you’re working with an experienced professional who will help you sell

your home quickly and for a fair price.


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You might be surprised to learn that 80% of sellers pick the first agent they meet

with when selling their homes. This is a mistake! When looking for an agent to sell

your home, treat it like a job interview. Interview several candidates and don’t be

afraid to keep searching if you don’t connect with any of them.